Covid-19 has plunged everyone into a relative state of isolation and standstill. Yet movement can be found amidst stillness, spaciousness within constraints, and satisfying connection despite social distancing. This workshop is an opportunity to release ourselves from bodily-felt suppressions owing to various restrictions from the pandemic.

We will learn how to harness our body resources and authentic movement to derive visceral experiences of calm, nourishment and joy, including the meaningful experience of stillness and rest. Through collective movement experiences that connect us beyond the need for words, we are led to find mutual support and to feel restored in the company of one another. The hope is that we may keep moving, with ease and empowerment, through these difficult times.


Comfortable attire to move in.


This workshop focuses on connection, both intra- and interpersonal, as well as via the mind-body. The purpose is to counter the trauma of the pandemic, and to promote and empower well-being and relationships within a resilient community despite current restrictions.


Shi Han is a qualified psychotherapist and experienced counsellor with a special interest in working with body and movement. She has many years of experience in the field of mental health, having worked with adults, youth and children in settings including inpatient and outpatient mental health, non-profit services, schools as well as community projects, both locally and in the UK where she qualified. She is currently partnering with organisations including the Institute of Mental Health, Ang Mo Kio FSC, Anglican Care Centre and Methodist Welfare Services, to pilot services either directly involving, or related to Dance Movement Psychotherapy. Shi Han teaches on the SUSS Expressive Arts Therapy graduate diploma programme, and has also been invited by the University of Derby to guest lecture on its MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy programme. Her commitment is in helping people develop inner security as a safe base to navigate difficulties, as well as explore themselves and the meaning of life, with the goal of leading better lives – a process which she does her best to contribute to with sensitivity, courage and creativity.


National Gallery Singapore
29th May 2021 (Sat)
4:00PM – 6:00PM
Price: $25
Participants: Min 4/Max 16*

*This class has a minimum number of participants. Should the class be cancelled, you will be informed 24 hours in advance.
^There may be photography/videography during the session. If you are uncomfortable, please let us know at the sign-in counter on the day of the workshop.