Programmes Manager

Tanisa is eternally grateful for ‘falling’ into Psychology at university. Her education watered the seeds of appreciation for the beautiful, yet complex and holistic nature of human psychology and mental well-being.

An inquisitive human who enjoys listening and learning from different perspectives, Tanisa fully embraces society as a melting pot of individuals who come from different upbringings and environments. Being interested in reading widely, having meaningful conversations and mental health advocacy led her to SMHFF as Programmes Manager.

Tanisa firmly believes that every person who has struggled with or is struggling with their mental health is a warrior.

Digital Marketing Trainee

Filzah is an authentic passionate youth who feels strongly about social issues such as gender inequality, discrimination of human rights, and racism. With her heart on her sleeve and a smile, she strives for excellence to improve the lives of people around her.

Being a caregiver and a person with lived experience, Filzah is grateful for the opportunity to train with SMHFF. She is excited to help them reach their goals whilst researching social psychology and intergenerational trauma for her personal projects.

In her free time, Filzah enjoys visiting museums, listening to vintage jazz, and watching foreign thrillers.



Akash has over 25 years experience in the financial services industry and is currently a Managing Director and heads an APAC legal team at a leading German bank.

He is deeply engrained in community and social causes and in addition to his legal responsibilities, leads CSR at his organisation for Singapore.

Akash is also an ardent champion for mental health causes. He leads the Mental Health employee support group at the bank, is a Mental Health Aider trained in Suicide intervention LIFE training and works closely with a number of mental health initiatives in the community.

Akash enjoys the outdoors and is currently training to go to Everest Base Camp to create awareness for mental health. A people person, Akash also loves photography and Yoga.


Jade is a qualified professional coach and is also a Visiting Consultant in the Department of Emergency Medicine at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, an Adjunct Assistant Professor at both the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore and YLLSoM at the National University of Singapore. She is also a Consultant for the Hospital Services Division at the Ministry of Health. 

Dr. Kua is also a past President of the Association of Women Doctors (Singapore) and is a champion for the DARE (Dispatcher-Assisted first REsponder) Programme, which aims to help bystanders gain the knowledge and confidence to save lives by learning to dial 995, stay on the line with the medical dispatcher, perform CPR as directed, and use an AED with voice prompts.



Hayley has over 15 years’ experience in finance roles spanning the banking, social and private sector. Hayley was most recently Vice President at Deutsche Bank where she held various roles including Head of Strategic Engagement for the Corporate Services function.

Throughout her career, corporate responsibility has been a key focus in her work. She believes passionately about the role of business in social and environmental development. Over the past 10 years Hayley has focused her voluntary time to the area of mental health, she is on the Board of the Singapore Mental Health Film Festival and Resilience Collective, and supports other mental health initiatives in Singapore.


Felicia is currently a penultimate student majoring in Business (Finance) and Global Asia in Singapore Management University. Apart from her academics, she was also heavily involved in SMU Toastmasters, a public speaking club and had served as organiser of the National Speech Competition held across universities. More recently, she is also speaker manager for the upcoming SMUTEDx event where people are encouraged to share their life-changing stories.

During her free time, Felicia engages passionately in her hobbies which are reading books, watching Netflix, yoga and hiking. Having seen many of her peers (and her as well) struggling through anxiety during university, Felicia wants to understand more about mental health, and aims to break through rhe stigma of talking about mental health issues.


Jaime is currently an Associate, Lead Business Analyst at Deutsche Bank Singapore. She is passionate about data analytics, quantitative finance and almost everything related to data. Other than being a data science enthusiast, she is a firm believer in giving back to society. She champions Environmental CSR projects in her workplace and loves to teach coding. Jaime is also a mental health advocate and her desire to volunteer her time to the community had inspired her to take up a role as a Finance volunteer in SMHFF.