Shio Chuan Quek / Malaysia

2018 / 88 minutes / Mandarin (with English subtitles) / NC 16


Guang is a story about two brothers. The elder brother, Wen Guang is autistic. He suffers from attention deficiency disorder, struggles with social interaction, and has difficulty performing day to day obligations. To make ends meet, Wen Guang is coerced by his younger brother into looking for a job to share his burden on meeting their monthly expenses. However, sparked by a childhood inspiration, Wen Guang sets out on a journey to collect specific glasswares which eventually jeopardises his relationship with his younger brother and both their jobs. Throughout the film, we see Wen Guang searching for a job, his daily routines and his secret passion as he searches for the final glass that will bring him a simple, pure, hard earned, fleeting moment of joy.
2019 Malaysian Film Festival Winner for Best Art Direction2018 Chinese Young Generation Film Forum Winner for Best Feature Film

Screening Info

National Gallery SingaporeSun, 1 March 2020 | 3:00pm