I purchased a feature pass. Can I watch only the feature film and not the panel?

Yes, you are welcome to leave the screening when you like. Do note that latecomers will not be allowed entry.

I am unable to make it for the screening, can I get a refund?

We are unable to process any refunds for unused passes. Please ensure you are available for the screenings before making any final purchases.

Please visit our terms and conditions for more information.

I really want to participate in the panel conversation. Is there any way I can do so virtually?

We would love to hear from you too! In fact we have set up a system where you can join the panel conversation as it happens live.

Simply follow the steps below during the live stream:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Access the panels at their respective times
  3. The Pigeonhole link will be available on the panel page
  4. Submit any thoughts/questions you have via Pigeonhole

I purchased a virtual pass. How can I access the accompanying panel conversation?

You should be able to access the panel through the film’s page on It is located under the bonus content, together with the short film. If you do not find the link, please contact us.

Prior to the day of the panel, you will also receive a link that you can access to watch the panel while it is live. The page will also give you a QR code, which you can scan to participate in the conversation as it is live streamed.

My friends and I would like to purchase the Virtual Pass on Are there any discounts for large groups like us?

Thank you, that is really encouraging to hear!

As a matter, we do have group discounts for purchases of 10 or more Virtual Passes. If you would like to do a group purchase and receive the discount, please contact us at

I really enjoyed the live panel conversation I streamed online, where can I watch it again?

All panel conversations are only available during the time of screening. A recorded version will be uploaded on at the end of the recording day until 30th May 2021, 11.59pm.

I purchased the Full Virtual Pass but I can’t stream the film ‘Happiness’.

Happiness is a limited feature film and only has 150 virtual seats available. If you would like to watch the film, please purchase the pass separately.

I am not able to stream the feature film online with my virtual pass.

All virtual passes allow you to watch the film for 48 hours upon activation between 22nd to 30th May 2021. Please ensure that you fully utilize your pass before it expires on 30th May 2021, 11.59pm.

If you face any technical difficulties within the 48 hour period, please contact us.

Why can't I seem to access my Virtual Pass for from my phone or desktop?

Each Pass purchased is only available for login into 2 unique devices and cannot be switched out. If you would like to access the films and panels on multiple devices, please purchase more Passes.

If you face any technical difficulties within the 48 hour period, please contact us.

I am not from Singapore, but I came across your Festival. How can I purchase the Virtual Passes for the Festival?

Thank you for your interest in attending the Singapore Mental Health Film Festival. At this time, most of our content, both online and physical, are available exclusively in Singapore.

Land of Not Knowing is available in for streaming in North America and you can purchase access here.

If you would like to support the Festival in other ways, please visit our shop or donation page.