About Singapore Mental Health Film Festival

Mental Health – a topic with so much stigma surrounding it, a topic taboo in conversation; yet a topic so important. In the same way we go to extreme measures to take care of our physical health, the same care should be shown to our mental health.

The Singapore Mental Health Study 2016 reported that the majority of people with a mental disorder did not seek any professional help, with the reasons largely attributed “to inability to recognise the symptoms of a mental illness, and concerns regarding the stigma associated with mental illnesses.”

Through films, panel discussions and workshops, Singapore Mental Health Film Festival wants to increase awareness among Singaporeans on the complexity of mental illnesses. We believe that there is an urgent need for an accessible, inclusive event such as the Festival. The support that we have received has been more than we could have imagined. We want to continue challenging this deeply ingrained social stigma, and hopefully enable generations after us to live in a safe, supportive Singapore.


Films harness immense power towards self- discovery. We hope to lead our audiences on a journey to recognise the vulnerabilities that all of us face. By using an easily relatable medium, barriers will be broken and Singaporeans will gain more accessibility into navigating the topic of mental health wellness.


Panel conversations follow each film, encouraging audiences to engage in an active discussion with field professionals, caregivers and persons-in-recovery. This enables audiences to clarify any misconceptions and gain deeper insight into Singapore’s mental health landscape.


Mindfulness workshops showcasing trauma-informed modalities such as dance, theatre, art, poetry, creative writing and movement will provide festival goers with an alternative perspective of self-sustaining and self- care tools that would increase their emotional and mental resiliency.

"Having experienced mental health issues myself, I understand how hard it is to speak openly about something so personal. I envision a world where persons with disabilities - both mental and physical, will be heard and seen without fearing judgement or discrimination."

Cheryl TanFestival Director

All of us have a part to play to co-create a future fit for all humans

By acknowledging that mental health is an important facet of overall well–being — and its significant impact on society today — the Festival hopes to facilitate genuine dialogue that will reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

We want to work towards creating a more inclusive Singapore; one that allows individuals to speak openly about mental health concerns without shame or discrimination – for self and others.

Singapore Mental Health Film Festival is a registered non-profit entity.