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About the Singapore Mental Health Film Festival

Mental Health – a topic with so much stigma surrounding it, a topic taboo in conversation; yet a topic so important. In the same way we go to extreme measures to take care of our physical health, the same care should be shown to our mental health.

The Singapore Mental Health Study 2010 states that about 1 in 8 Singaporeans have a mental disorder; with the three most common being Major Depressive Disorder, Alcohol Abuse, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Through films, panel discussions and workshops, SMHFF wants to increase awareness among Singaporeans on the complexity of mental illnesses. We hope to eliminate the stigma and shame attached to having a mental health concern; to affect change on a political and social level to create more inclusive environments and workspaces for those with mental health concerns.

Why film?

To be able to support each other, we have to first understand that mental health is usually something innate and “unseen” by the human eye. An individual with a mental health concern might be experiencing varying emotions due to stresses of life, a chemical imbalance in the brain, or a physical event in the body. The list goes on.

Films harness immense power towards self discovery. They enable us to translate ideas through emotions rather than the intellect. They neutralise the instinct to suppress feelings and trigger emotional releases. They can help open doors that might have been shut or remained closed.

Through these films, we hope to lead our audiences on a journey to recognise the vulnerabilities we all face. By doing so, we hope a safe and supportive space will be built; one where we can speak freely about mental health concerns.

Why the need for panel discussions?

SMHFF serves as a platform for dialogue between industry experts, caregivers, individuals recovered/recovering from mental health disorders, and the general audience.

Given the highly stigmatised topic of mental health, SMHFF hopes to provide an opportunity for individuals to express emotions that may have surfaced during the screening, as well as pose questions and/or ideas to the panel.

In an effort to provide a safe and supportive environment, we have partnered up with Pigeonhole Live. This will enable individuals to remain anonymous when voicing questions and/or ideas, voting on polls, and providing feedback.

"Having experienced mental health issues myself, I understand how hard it is to speak openly about something so personal. I envision a world where persons with disabilities - both mental and physical, will be heard and seen without fearing judgement or discrimination."

Cheryl TanFestival Director

All of us have a part to play to co-create a future fit for all humans

By acknowledging that mental health is an important facet of overall well–being — and its significant impact on society today — SMHFF hopes to facilitate genuine dialogue that will reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

We want to work towards creating a more inclusive Singapore; one that allows individuals to speak openly about mental health concerns without shame or discrimination – for self and others.

SMHFF is crafted by The Breathe Movement – a social enterprise that utilises the philosophies of yoga to enable individuals to reconnect with themselves. Through the primary usage of the breath, individuals are taught to recognise their emotions, thoughts and body sensations as a way to increase mental resilience.

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Cheryl Tan
Festival Director

Elizabeth Low
Media & Publicity