Meet the Team

Cheryl Tan
Festival Director

Cheryl is the Founder of The Breathe Movement. She has dedicated her life to uncover the dark and light within herself, constantly expanding her inner awareness to observe the intricate stories that surface with each layer.

Previously from the advertising world where she educated the masses on brand stories, she has switched her focus to using raw human stories to inspire courage and love in others.

Her passion in social justice and mental health drives her to serve the society at large.


Elizabeth Low
Media and Publicity

Elizabeth has 8 years of experience working in Singapore’s media industry.

Her work spans different markets including business, advertising, marketing and commodities.

She is excited to use her skills to bring awareness to this important social issue and contribute to building a wiser and kinder society.


Su-An Ng
Creative Director

Su-An is a multi–disciplinary creative who works across design, film, animation and public art.

Based in Sydney, she has shown her award-winning work internationally and is currently director of doeanddoe creative studio.

Su-An is an active contributor to projects that create a social and/or environmental impact. Her current focus is on work that bridges the creative arts and healthcare.


Michelle Goh
Fundraising and Sponsorship

Michelle has 7 years of experience in managing events, both in the private and public sector.

She feels strongly for mental health and the social stigma that comes along with it.

She hopes that one day, anyone with mental health concerns will not be afraid to speak about it.


Nicole Friets
Community Manager

Nicole is a Singapore-American passionate about holistic health and wellness in both her professional and personal life.

Her involvement in the industry has encompassed writing, networking, and marketing.

Leveraging her interdisciplinary university degree and multicultural upbringing, she firmly believes in the power of connection and community.

She is excited to be a part of the SMHFF team and envisions a stigma free, authentic, and supportive society.


Vinise Kwa
Panel and Volunteer Manager

Vinise strongly believes that the power of awareness and our voice can be instrumental in behavioural change and hopes that this festival will be able to help challenge the stigma of mental illness.

An avid gym and film goer, travel enthusiast and amateur yogi, Vinise is also a passionate environmental & human rights activist.

She currently works in a climate change consultancy and also hopes to build a social enterprise dedicated to help eradicate sex trafficking in the future.


Rafe Phua

Rafe has 5 years of experience in accounting and auditing for the public sector.

He has managed financial audits and accounts of multiple subsidiaries and associates under the Singapore Exchange’s portfolio of listed companies.

He has a double major in accounting and finance, and is currently pursuing his professional program with CPA Australia.

Rafe believes in the continued betterment of society and is grateful to be able to contribute to SMHFF.


Abel Peh
Logistics and Production Manager

Abel is an undergraduate at NUS reading Sociology and Social Work. He is interested in social issues – in particular, the reproduction of inequality and how childhood experiences can impact one’s mental health in later years.

He is also a mental health advocate. Through this festival, Abel hopes to encourage individuals to adopt a new perspective to mental illness: the increasing medicalisation of ‘life issues’. While micro-level interventions such as medication are often the go-to solution, long-term macro strategies must not be neglected. We need a multi-faceted approach in understanding mental health and to tackle its roots.

Abel is thankful to be part of the SMHFF team, and aspires to use his skills to create a more inclusive and supportive society.


Melanie Chan
Digital Marketing

Melanie is a semi-nomadic digital marketer who is specialised in performance marketing, and other arenas of marketing, such as search engine optimization and content strategy.

On a mission to shine the light on meaningful truths, she also works together with socially-driven organisations dotted around the world on their digital communication efforts.


Kenneth Ho
Web Developer

Kenneth is a creative technologist who has comprehensive knowledge about
interactive installations and web based projects.

Currently working for Toaster at Google, Kenneth hopes to contribute
his spare time and technical knowledge to the SMHFF team.


Seth Hoo 

Seth is currently pursuing his diploma in Mass Communications at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, specialising in creative marketing, graphic design, and broadcast media.

He believes that creative work can be an effective medium to connect with people. He aspires to do so to make Singapore a society where everyone is well equipped to support one another’s mental wellbeing

After the festival, he aims to hone his skills even further and become an advocate for mental wellness through media platforms such as radio and graphic design.

Seth is deeply grateful to be a part of the SMHFF team as he believes this festival is a platform that will help everyone, especially him, understand more about mental health.


Special Thanks

We would also like to thank the following people, for without their generous guidance and help, this festival wouldn't be possible.

Heronymo Allen, Aishah Abu Bakar, Wesley Leon Aroozoo, Fabian Bricard, Erwin Chan, Juan Chan, Melissa Chan, Michael Cheng, Louisa Cheong, Chew Kia Huey, Beatrice Chew, Cho Mingxiu, Alisa Chopard, Teater Ekamatra, Gabriel Gn, Nazhath Faheema, Ann Tat Goh, Rachael Klyne, Edmond Kwek, Lee Yi Ping, Hui Shan Loh, Ingrid Mak, Prema Menon, Alecia Neo, Adeline Ng, Perry Peh, Li Lin See, Ethan Seow, Elly Sim, M SelvaraniJasmine Soh, Cherilyn Tan, Cindy Tan, Mei Yan Tan, Moses Tan, Xu Da Tan, Gracie Teo, Tania Wu, Zuzanita Zakaria